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Tuyul Eee Ketemu Lagi

Tuyul Eee Ketemu Lagi


"Tuyul Eee Ketemu Lagi on " Like a sequel to Tuyul (childlike ghost similar to goblin or imp), the Head tuyul is angry as one of their members died (as seen in the previous film). Therefore, he sends the black imp and white imp for revenge. These imps come to Bokir’s house by mistake. Bokir is crazy about a singer, who is signed by Karto, whose house is actually where these imps are meant to go. They are sent to kidnap the singer and to take all of the wealth. The disturbance of these imps can be solved by practising proper prayers. Bokir goes mad and unintentionally reveals the secret of his imps and causes his own death by falling from a high building. Upon his death, the imps are released. They fly with a magic carpet, but when they fly over a mosque, their flying carpet falls down.

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